Blogging is simply a must. If You Don’t Have a Blog – Let Me Know.

I’ve been telling you over and over and over again that blogging is simply a must for your business. Blogging does three things:

1. Gives you a boost in search engine rankings
2. Enables an archive of what you are blogging about, assuming you are blogging about a specific topic
3. Gives your web site freshness and life
4. Provides information to your customers (or your audience) and enables them to engage you in a conversation
The WSJ has a great case study and article on blogging success.
It reads A few months after launching a blog early last year, Get It In Writing Inc. started seeing traffic to its Web site soar.
Today the small marketing-copywriting firm in Boca Raton, Fla., draws as many as 150,000 unique visitors a month to its site, compared with an average of only 100 before the blog, which features advice and trends on marketing and resides within the company’s Web site.

Blogging is VERY simple to do., Typepad or Word Press all have easy to start blogging services – for free or low cost.
If you don’t have a blog and REALLY want one use the comments in this post to let me know – but first read the WSJ article.