Bloglines Beta Launches New RSS Reader: When Companies Listen to their Customers

Bloglines is the most frequent tool I use. Period.
In order to keep up with the stream of information flow I use RSS feeds as one of my two primary tools for information (the other are direct media pitches from companies)
It seems like years ago, I would check dozens of web sites for the latest news in the world of small business technology, including Google and Yahoo news alerts. I would have 10 web browsers open, until Firefox come along with tabbed browsing making things much easier.
Now I stream as much information as possible through Bloglines – an online RSS reader.
One of the most frustrating things about Bloglines for me has been its 200 post limit per feed. After a few days posts in a frequently posted site like Google’s Business or NY Times technology feeds could easily surpass 200 feeds. If I am not able to read the feed before 200 posts arrive, I would start losing the older posts due to Bloglines limitations.
I emailed a colleague of mine (one of those whose who in the technology world) and he passed my complaint on to the folks at Bloglines. The next day I get an email from someone telling me that Bloglines is already working on a solution.
Check out which launched on Monday.
This new site lifts the 200 post limit (I hope there is NO limit) and has a number of other features:

  • A new personalize-able start page (drag and drop build)
  • 3 options for feed reading views
  • Quick View: Quick headline scanning for busy people
  • 3-Pane View: An email-like interface for feed reading
  • Full View: the classic Bloglines page layout, updated
  • Drag-and-drop feed management.
  • A new “Unread System” that makes it easier to manage what to keep and what to toss.
  • Great technology like an RSS reader is nice, but a company that continues to innovate and produce better versions of its technology is even better. Kudos to the Bloglines team.