Casio’s G’zOne: I Threw It and Dunked It In Water – It Kept on Working

In June I attended the annual Digital Focus held in NYC – which is a gathering of a few dozen companies showcasing their digital wares.
One of the technologies I came across was Casio’s G’zOne cellular phone – it’s waterproof (or resistant) and “drop” resistant.
My wife tried the phone out although she’s not in the industry the phone is made for (construction, military and other “we abuse gadget” industries) she liked the overall design and touch of the phone.
G’zOne is perfectly designed for the mobile professional whose phone might end up in water, in dust or be dropped down a few flights of steps. (I tried it out – it loves abuse)
So much of the technology we use is made from cheap, easy to break plastic, but clearly Casio’s G’zOne line is made much more durable.
If knowing where you are is important the G’zOne has GPS mapping built in. Video, camera and messaging come standard on the G’zOne. The s-series has built in Bluetooth while the v-series does not.
Both phones have speaker phones, so if you need some hands free talking you can do that as well.
If you’re looking for a rugged phone because of your job/industry or because your plain clumsy or error prone – the G’zOne is a phone you should consider. For those who like to hike on the weekend, but don’t take a phone as you’re afraid to mess up your delicate “corporate phone” the G’zOne is right at home on the trail.
You can buy the G’zOne for about $300 from Verizon Wireless.
Check out Casio’s great web site on the G’zOne for more information.