Considering Green Before You Buy Your Next Computer

The next time you buy a new computer ensure the vendor has a process by which you can RETURN an old computer back to them instead of throwing it away and/or letting it sit in “storage”.

Ideally, if you buy one computer you want to be able to send the old computer away and have it properly disposed of.
Sony joins Dell, HP and other companies in launching a recycling program, as reported by News Factor.
Which writes On Thursday, Sony followed in the footsteps of Dell in rolling out no-charge recycling services for its products. The Sony Take Back Recycling Program is designed to encourage consumers to recycle and dispose of electronic devices in an environmentally responsible way.
Sony is partnering with 75 Waste Management Recycle America eCycling drop-off centers throughout the U.S. That makes it the first national recycling initiative stateside to see a major electronics manufacturer and a national waste management company work together.

Recycling might not be a number one concern for you, but it should a top concern. Throwing away computers contributes to waste, environmental damage and often times the ill-health of impoverished entrepreneurs around the world.
If your computer is not 100% crap then consider donating it to your local non-profit organization or school. REMEMBER, don’t donate junk.
And remember to erase your hard disk before giving your computer away.
PC recycling web sites:
Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway, Lenovo