Defending Yourself Online: Difficult But Possible

What do you do when you visit a review site (review of doctors, lawyers, accountants, airlines, florists, whatever) and find your business listed with one more more negative reviews?
In this age when what’s online counts and where neighbor’s word of mouth is minimal compared to online reviews and comments, your business could sink or swim depending on what your customers or writing about you online.
Forbes writes a an article about online doctor review sites that can be a useful lesson.
The article writes how one doctor found negative reviews on and is trying to figure out how to counteract the negative comments about his practice.
It can be difficult, but not impossible.
Some suggestions. On your own web site respond to the comments on an FAQ type article but not directly referencing the web site. For example, if you are accused of giving stale food. Write about the freshness of the food you serve.
Post customer testimonials – including audio, video and text.
Have clients who have good things to write about you, post comments on the locations where negative comments are and other places. Comment boxes are still good to use, but also have a digital comment box on your web site. On this box you can encourage customers to fill out comments and point them to other web sites to leave commetns about you at.