Digital Threats to Your Business: Take This Seriously

Forbes keeps us focused on some dangers that are quite important for your business to be careful of. Digital threats.
What are they? Fraud. Hackers (have a strong password, anti-virus & anti-phishing software, updated software, firewall) Your employees. Losing your laptop/smartphone.
Securing your digital enterprise is important. If you (and your employees) are using mobile technology you really must ensure that you secure the data on it via encryption.
Forbes writes While the Internet, mobile computing and online advertising can help small fries compete with larger rivals, these digital tools also invite plenty of risk. Our advice: Don’t be a Luddite, but don’t lie awake at night, either. Do something about it.
Fraud, for example, is a risk any business must deal with. Last year, North American merchants lost $3 billion because of online payment fraud (purchases made with stolen or unauthorized account information), according to research commissioned by CyberSource, an e-commerce and fraud prevention firm.

There are so many holes in your digital ecosystem and it can be so difficult to protect every area. But the main areas you need to worry about are the following:
1. Your network (you need firewall, router, anti-virus, anti-phishing and other hardware and software but properly configured)
2. Your computers (make sure each computer has a firewall and anti-virus software and all the data is backed up)
3. Your web site (if your web site is connected to your network – you REALLY must make sure that your web site is secure from hackers who can not only deface the content on the web site but also hack into your network)
4. Your ecommerce site (if hackers hack into your ecommerce site they can steal credit card numbers – or worse)
Work with a good security consultant to SECURE your network. All the leading PC vendors and security companies can help!

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