Don’t Forget About Search Engine Optimization: It Does Work

Yesterday I was speaking with someone about web sites and they were sharing with me how so very important ones web site is. She’s a photographer who was doing some photographic work of me and was saying how she checked out my (being redesigned site by the way) many times before our shoot.
We discussed how if a business does not have a VERY good web site, reflective of what one’s business is all about – it’s not a good thing. Your prospective clients will base their decision to work with you, in part on your web site.
This leads me to another point though – if you have a web site how will people know its there. One of the key ways for this to happen is via search engines.
Google, Ask, Live, Yahoo and other search engines are key gateways in how users find content online, if your web site is not optimized so that these search engines can find your web site, you won’t get much traffic.
The Wall Street Journal had a very good article on this and gives the following tips:
1 – Focus each page on one theme. The keyword or keyword phrase you choose for a page should directly reflect the page’s content.
2 – Know what you want visitors to do. In marketing lingo, this concept is known as a “call to action.”
3 – Study your traffic data for trends. Web-site hosting services and search engines have tools offering an array of statistics about what pages were visited on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the Web pages that visitors used to reach your site, how long they stayed and other data.
4 РMake your site easy to navigate. It should be friendly not only to the human eye, but also to search-engine spidersóprograms that crawl the Web looking for up-to-date information.
5 – Use free tools from search engines. If your site hasn’t added a Google Sitemap page, consider doing so.
These tips will help ensure your web site is found when people are searching on the keywords that are important to you and relevant to the content of your web site.
Another thing that is very important to realize. If you are looking at your competitors’ web sites and want your web site to look as good as or better than theirs – you might want to consider hiring a professional web site designer. A professional web developer will give you a very professional looking web site.
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