Gateway’s Convertible Notebook: Solid and Multi-Talented

The familiar cow spotted box arrived at my door step and I excitedly tore into things.
Anytime technology arrives, it’s an exciting experience – like a kid at Christmas for me. Of course what made this box special was that it was Gateway’s Convertible Notebook. I’ve tried out Tablet PC’s but this was my first trying out the convertible notebook. It has a keyboard and swivel screen to convert the notebook between a tablet PC and traditional PC or just swivel the screen for a presentation.
Overall, what I liked about Gateway’s notebook is that it’s solid. For some of you who have solid notebook’s, like an IBM Thinkpad, this is not a major concern. But I bought a Lenovo 3000 notebook last year and one thing I don’t like about it, is that it’s kind of “soft”, not durable enough for my tastes.
Gateway’s Convertible Notebook is solid – through and through. It has a rugged feeling to it, which I love.
If you travel a lot and your notebook moves around – this solid feeling will be appreciated.
Gateway’s web site is quite thorough in providing information to help you decide if a convertible notebook is for you.
If you’re a traditional knowledge worker, you might feel that your traditional notebook is all you need. You could be right. However, I found in just using Gateway’s convertible that there’s two huge benefits to it.
1. – Having the ability to markup documents or images with hand written notes or drawings could be something you really didn’t know how helpful it could be.
Being able to be in a meeting and take notes on a notebook and not have to worry about keeping track of a paper document could be a huge asset. I’m frequently in meetings and taking notes on traditional paper. Being able to write these notes on a notebook computer means that I have the benefits of taking notes with pen and “digital” paper, while being able to store the notes on my computer and convert the handwriting to text when and if needed.
2. – The second benefit of a convertible notebook is that instead of having a client and their team crowd around your notebook computer you can swivel the screen and everyone can see it more clearly. (Remember – every conference room does not have a fancy data projector). Tip: – If you get a wireless Power Point advancer or clicker you can join your audience and advance your presentation along with them without touching the notebook.
Gateway’s convertible had a few things I hope is improved in the next edition. The page up and down keys are not dedicated but require the pressing of a function key. I felt the keyboard was a bit small and soft as well. The screen is not as bright as on many of the newer notebooks. This could be due to the on-screen writing capability of the notebook.
If you are looking for a convertible notebook, Gateway’s notebook is surely one to consider buying. It’s sturdiness will ensure it stays with you for a long time. Being able to use a pen or keyboard to write – could be an invaluable experience.