Going Green – In More Than One Way with Your Next PC Purchase

Some of you have been environmentally conscience way before Al Gore made it hip to be green.
There’s still quite a bit of politics to the “green” issue, but I think we can all agree that being an active participant of taking better care of our planet Earth that God’s given us is a good thing.
Beyond making the planet a better and healthier place you can also save money, most likely over the long run not in the short term. Instead of just buying any computer, purposefully consider buying a computer that is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Many of the PC vendors are making all of their computers more “E” friendly and they are also launching some computers which specifically tout their friendliness to the environment.
Dell, for example, launched a new computer the OptiPlex 755. Darrel Ward, director, Dell Product Group said, “We designed the OptiPlex 755 to be the most flexible and versatile business desktop available to date with innovations in systems management, eco-design and services.”
HP has a very good “5 Steps to Green Computer” which I would encourage you to look at.
As you upgrade your technology consider going green in another way – reducing the number of visits a technician has to make to the computer. If you have one computer you might not be bothered by a technician or local consultant having to physically touch your computer several times a year. However, if you have 50 or even 25 computers being able to remotely service these computers as much as possible is critical.
Intel’s vPro technology, working in conjunction with any number of competing software products to remotely manage and monitor the PC is what you need. These tools come from IBM, HP, Dell and other PC vendors and are often licensed from other companies in fact.
I’m not going to get into the detail of managing your PC right now, but will hopefully go through it a bit later on.