HP’s Print 2.0: Changing the Way We All Print – Painless Online Printing

Get up and look in your trash can or recycle bin. What do you see? Reams and reams of discarded paper because you printed something from a web site and what you saw online was not what came on the paper.
Instead you see some of what you wanted on the paper, if you’re lucky, but also a lot of useless white space. This, amongst other things is what HP wants to solve.
HP’s Print 2.0 strategy focuses on three areas: delivering a next-generation digital printing platform that increases print speeds and lowers the cost of printing for high-volume commercial markets; making it easier to print from the web; and extending HP’s digital content creation and publishing platforms across all customer segments.
As you can read, HP’s Print 2.0 is not about one particular product or service but is about a digital printing ecosystem to make it easier, faster and more efficient to print overall and across the consumer, graphics, retail and business segments it serves.
Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP explained today that HP has the largest market share in the amount of printers it sells. But it wants to now focus on its share of prints. So this campaign is two fold and to two audiences. HP resellers and for HP itself to increase the use of HP printers, paper and ink. It’s also to HP end users (small businesses, retail stores, and others) to let them know that HP is going to make the printing experience better.
HP’s press release reads Small to medium-size businesses will find tools to build their brand at hp.com/burton and also free customizable templates to print business cards, letterhead and brochures based on Paula Scher’s unique designs at hp.com/paula. For each site, people can easily print customized content at home, at work and eventually via a network of print service providers.
As an extension of the achiever experiences, HP also established two print communities for consumers (http://expressioncenter.wetpaint.com) and small businesses (http://expressioncentersmb.wetpaint.com) – a first for the company. These wikis enable customers to collaborate on print projects across the globe, share ideas and access tips and “how-to” information in subjects ranging from printing, crafts and digital photography to small business marketing and branding.

If you want to get ideas and actually get creative, custom letterhead designs for your own business I highly suggest you check out the “Burton” and “Paula” sites above. They are VERY well done. If you are deep into how can you do more with digital photography and things like that the wiki’s that HP’s set up have a lot of information. I think it’s a bit too much and a bit hard to navigate but it’s a great start and I’m impressed at how HP has leveraged social media. Good job HP.
When you visit Flickr (owned by Yahoo), Yahoo and Snapfish over the next few weeks you’ll see integrated into these sites HP technology that’ll make it easier for you to print.
HP is working with developers to enable web based services using HP printing technology for industry-specific needs, such as security, compliance and capture, in a flexible and device-agnostic environment. It allows all supporting HP solutions to provide a common, consistent user experience while increasing partner and customer productivity. There are a number of other initiates as well including: NextDayTV (making television programing available to local customers the next day); better labels to prevent counterfeiting and product diversion using HP printing technology; making it easy for architectural, engineering and construction professionals to print via the new HP Instant Printing Toolkit 2.0.;
If you are building a content rich web site, see what HP tools you can leverage to ensure that when customers press “print” – they get exactly what they wanted.
HP released several new products and services as well (some even free) – here.
What does all of this mean for your business?
If printing is important to you, as it is for most businesses you won’t go wrong buying from HP. It’s not just making printers but investing in ensuring that the printing experience is better.
Although blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and podcasts are very important NOTHING beats the power of holding a photo in your hand. Never forget that.