Keeping Informed of Your Favorite IT Vendors via Blogs

If you wanted to get in touch with the CEO of a big company 10 years ago you had to go through the famed ‘gate keeper’. Most likely a secretary who screened all of his or her calls.
Today, there’s still a powerful gatekeeper but these CEOs and senior managers are now blogging and desirous of hearing from their customers through direct email or comments
There’s no reason why you can’t be a part of this conversation, in fact you SHOULD be and ensure that you are kept informed of the latest information from your favorite IT vendors.
HP has a small and medium business blog, run by Anneliese Olson, Director, HP LaserJet Category Management.
If you have standardized on HP printers it makes sense for you to subscribe to Olson’s blog and be kept informed of what HP’s doing in this space.
Dell recently started a blog here and Microsoft has a number of blogs here.
Getting direct mail pieces from your vendor and checking their web site is good. Subscribing to the blog feeds of your IT vendor is even better as you get the latest information from them, can comment back to them and make sure you don’t miss anything – assuming the IT vendor is publishing a lot of information via its blog.
Tim Berry, founder of Palo Alto software has a blog here. Intuit has a blog here.
I could go on. Take a look at the technology you use and make sure your or someone on your staff subscribes to their blogs.