Learning From NetFlix: It’s NOT All About Technology – Customers First

Netflix is like the ultimate technology etailer company – renting DVDs to customers. They’re in the league of Amazon.com and Dell – using the Internet to sell to customers.
One thing that sets them apart from the competition is their customer service. There’s no more email support reports the NY Times – just friendly customer service reps providing HUMAN phone support.
What about your business?
Sure, you might be considering ways to HARNESS technology but you must also keep a close eye on your customers and competition.
If you are in an industry that’s becoming less and less differentiated then you must find a way to make yourself different. Netflix chose to get closer to its customers.
What can you do?
What’s the lesson we can learn from Netflix.
Even if you are awesome at squeezing every cent from your technology – don’t be afraid to use traditional techniques to reach your customers and get closer to them.
As your business grows it’s important to not let technology get in the way of serving customers the way they want to be served. I’m increasingly using a lot of Google services and guess what – Google has email support. It works quite well though and my questions are answered within 24 hours – which is acceptable for me as these are not urgent questions.
However, if you are selling Bibles online or jewelry your customers might want faster and more personal support. Email might not be the way to go.
Read more about this story in the NY Times.