Maybe Dell Doesn’t Need IT Consultants. And why IT Does Matter.

For years, Dell’s direct model has worked quite. From Dell to customer.
Sure, many IT consultants have bought Dell products on behalf of their customers, but unlike HP and other vendors, Dell had no formal channel program to speak of.
I always wondered if Dell was making a mistake by not more strongly embracing the channel but think that with its recent acquisition of IT services company ASAP (and other acquisitions it can (and is) indeed be one stop shop for large and small businesses.
In May Dell created a formal channel program and Channel Insider writes Dell is no stranger to the channel, as it sells some $4 billion of products a year through U.S. partners, according to Bates, but the operation had been clandestine.
The company, based in Round Rock, Texas, is embracing a more formal relationship with partners because it is what customers need and want, as they seek to simplify their IT operations and work with solution providers as their “trusted advisors” in that capacity, Bates said.
What does this mean to you.
Technology is a critical asset of small businesses and will increasingly set your business apart from your competition. It’ll set you apart in a negative way, in that your competition will more strategically implement technology and beat you.
Or, you’ll align yourself with a strong partner and strategically implement technology in your own business to beat your competition.
Whether you choose a PC vendor like Dell who is increasingly turning into a one stop shop of technology solutions or a retailer like CDW which sells technology and does consulting through a network of retailers and in-house or choose a vendor like HP and work with one of their or your own technology consultants – YOU NEED TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTED STRATEGICALLY IN YOUR BUSINESS.
In large companies maybe IT doesn’t matter much anymore in large companies as the strategic edge is gone since. Money, human resources and the “how-to” are pretty much equal for big companies. But in smaller companies IT matters in a HUGE way.
Those who are not leveraging it will fall behind. Those who are leveraging it will grow and survive and thrive in tough times.
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