New/Upgraded Tools 2 Know About: Go Daddy, Content Watch & NTRGlobal

Sometimes life is not all about what’s NEW but often its about what’s IMPROVED.
Over the past few weeks Go Daddy, Content Watch and NTR Global announced some new products which I think if you are an existing customer of theirs you should be aware of.
If you have never used their products or services before these new services/products might be a reason to try them out.
GoDaddy has a new blogging and podcost tool. Content Watch has a new security appliance and NTR Global is releasing a remote PC access tool

Content Watch – announced the release of the ContentProtect Professional Appliance. The new ContentProtect Professional Appliance is an Internet filtering appliance that helps businesses and organizations enforce their Internet Usage Policy through policy-based Internet filtering. Implementing the ContentProtect Professional Appliance will help businesses and organization, increase employee productivity, reduce liability and preserve bandwidth.

NTR Global – announced the North American availability of two remote access products that let computer users remotely connect and work on their PC or Mac system from anywhere – as if they were sitting right in front of it.
The new software lets users remain productive while eliminating the need to carry a laptop or USB drive when away from the corporate or home office. NTRconnect Free offers a base set of secure remote access functions at no cost. NTRconnect Pro, a fee-based offering, provides more advanced features, including remote wake-up, security reports, file transfer, premium customer service, Skype integration and keyboard, mouse and screen blocking.

Go Daddy – Is making it easier to communicate to your online audience do by combining two of its already popular products, Quick Blog and Quick Podcast, into one simple tool.
“Quick Blogcast allows people to tell their own stories with audio, video, photos and text over the Internet,” said Warren Adelman, President and Chief Operating Officer of Go Daddy, the world’s leading domain name registrar and seller of a variety of Internet products. “It’s a great way to let people around the corner or around the world know what you or your business are doing.”