Norton Internet Security 2008

Symantec has released its latest version of Norton Internet Security 2008. You can check out a full line of Symantec’s products here. For small businesses, it appears that Symantec equivalent is “Client Security” while “Internet Security” is more for individuals and consumers.
Whichever one you are now using or will be using for your business, you might want to check out Cnet’s review of Norton Internet Security 2008. Overall the upgrade’s usability features are lacking but other areas such as integration of LiveUpdate are including.
Cnet writes If first impressions are everything, Norton Internet Security 2008 loses us at “Hello.” The new interface is dark and garish, almost a perverse joke on those seeking reassuring security for their desktops. The use of ominous thick black borders and orange graphics suggests Halloween, a look that could get old with regular use.
The unfriendly look and feel is, perhaps, a deeper metaphor for the overall lack of configuration settings within Norton Internet Security. Like Microsoft, which has moved away from letting the user control the Windows experience, Symantec limits (if not removes) the advanced user’s ability to customize and tweak individual settings, such as setting Norton AntiVirus to scan only new or recently modified files.

One of the most important pieces of technologies for your business is your security software. If you get attacked by a virus or are infected via a phishing web site or malware your computing infrastructure can completely shut down. If this happens your business is pretty much shut down.
It’s very important that you take this seriously and ensure that your individual computers are protected and that the end points of your network are protected as well.
I would highly suggest that you insist your local technology consultant or whoever you rely on for support audit your IT infrastructure to ensure you are as protected as possible.
Trend Micro, McAfee, CA and other vendors all security software.