Online database + bells and whistles for $9.99 / month!

Trackvia is an online database which provides a lot of features and tools for $9.99 a month.
There’s several good databases such as Intuit’s Quickbase, eUnifyDB, HyperOffice, and WebEx Office (the later two have databases built into their virtual office platforms) but I haven’t come across many databases that are as feature rich and extensive as Trackvia.
What’s so powerful about Trackvia is the potential use for many of your day to day business needs, including marketing, sales and customer service. You can track your in-house operations (the sky’s the limit) or use the power of Trackvia’s forms to manage web forms which the public can access, as well.
For example, to get the most from your web site it’s best to to enable customers and/or web visits to enter information about themselves related to surveys, customer databases or other “in-bound” communication you might desire.
Having an email form is nice, but someone’s got to input the information into a database. An online database, connected to your web site, reduces double entry and keeps the data more accurate.
If you have data locked into spreadsheets, Trackvia lets you put all that data online and not just have a simple spreadsheet online (like Google Docs lets you do) but put it into the power of a database.
I think the power of Trackvia really comes out and shines with its email capability. You can email out records or reports to one or more people with a click and set up automated, recurring emailed reports to one or more people. Where it gets real exciting is that it accepts emails into a database, automatically creating records for each email received!
Trackvia can also be an excellent tool for simple Contact Management. Their web site reads – you can use Trackvia to send a mass personalized “email blast” to everyone in your database, or to filtered subsets of the database. And Trackvia’s highly smart and automated “history” will make a note that of whom you’ve emailed each time, and keeps an exact copy of the personalized email sent to each contact. No more struggling to remember if you sent an email to this person or that person. And no more juggling of multiple applications (Excel, plus Word, plus an email tool) to accomplish what’s available as one-stop shopping in Trackvia.
I’m not sure why I haven’t heard of Trackvia before, but it appears to be a VERY powerful tool that’s priced precisely for small businesses and much better than many other online databases on the market.