Online Training For Employees

You’ve told an employee over and over again how to do something and they finally get it right and have been doing it for months or years. Now that employee is leaving – what do you do?
Maybe the employee is staying put but you are opening up new offices and need to tell other employees how to do “it”.
If you can put your training online – you can ensure that anyone can access it from anywhere they can get an internet connection and that it’s always updated.
The WSJ writes Golden Harvest hired EJ4 LLC, a video-based online trainer in St. Louis, to produce and post online videos for teaching sales reps how to sell Golden Harvest seeds. Mr. Dam tracked the results and found that employees were watching the videos, mostly on Saturdays or Monday mornings. Sales increased, as did demand for more courses, and training costs fell to less than $100 per person from between $175 and $200.
Some of the training you’ll be doing is “standard” training of which there are already commercial lessons available. What comes to mind is First Aid; how to create a web site; customer service and other things that don’t necessarily have to be customized. There are companies that can sell packaged or customer training programs to you.
If you want to learn about technology there are hundreds of companies offering solutions.
Dell, HP, Microsoft and other vendors offering a number of online training courses for free.
Cnet TV has some great video on “how to do stuff” in addition to their news and product reviews.