RHUB Web Conferencing Appliance: Kick Monthly Fees Out the Door

Web conferencing is an important business tool for many businesses. In fact just about every business at one time or another probably wishes they could invite a group of people to a virtual conference room to collaborate in real time, share applications, chat and do other things when face to face is not feasible.
Signing up with one of the well known web conferencing services such as WebEx or Gotomeeting is one option. But another option that might be for you, is to consider buying your own web conferencing system from RHUB Communications.
In addition to web conferencing you get several other features such as file transfer and PC remote control.
If you want your audience to only view your presentation (and not participate) they don’t have to download anything and can view your presentation in any web browser. I’ve used other web conferencing tools and have been limited in which browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox (my favorite) – I could use.
RHUB-200 costs $995.00 when configured with 2 meeting rooms and 10 attendees. The next model up (RHUB 500) starts at $1,995 with 5 meeting rooms and 20 attendees and RHUB-1000 has 50 meeting rooms and 200 attendees. You can have any combination of rooms and attendees for the RHUB.
I’ve participated in a number of webinars and of course they can’t replace face to face conferences or a firm hand shake, but they are ideal options when you want to quickly (or scheduled):
Give Sales presentations and product demos
Conduct Internal meetings within your networks
Offer Remote support for your customers
Provide Remote training & seminars with non-download
RHUB will be relatively easy for your local consultant to install on your network.
If you’ve never considered web conferencing for your business I highly encourage you to consider its uses for your business. I bet your competitors are doing it.
If you are already doing web conferences are aren’t happy with the complexity of your current provider or that people complain that their mobile devices or particular computer can’t access the web conference – RHUB might be a solution for you.

One thought on “RHUB Web Conferencing Appliance: Kick Monthly Fees Out the Door

  1. brian

    That is a GREAT post on conferencing, which is really gaining speed in the market. I can recommend a great conferencing guide for newbees to use when figuring out how to get started. The “Quick Start Guide for Web Conferencing”, which I got on Amazon.com, got me up and running in about 25 minutes:
    I read that the http://www.webconferencingcouncil.com had a non-technical relative of equipped with a a Dell E6400 with Windows XP, complete with built-in camera & microphone test this book to see if it was truly a quick start. This relative was able to start a multi-point meeting in 17 minutes, was able to share her desktop and present an online presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) in under 25 minutes, and even started using the voting and whiteboarding features within 30 minutes – all of it witnessed but uncoached. I was a little bit faster but I am more technical than most.

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