– Free Legal Advice about Selling Online

Selling online is not that complicated. However, depending on what you are selling and your ecommerce venture’s legal relationship to any other businesses you have there could be some legal implications to consider.

Maybe there’s things to consider, that you’ve never thought of such as:
Obtaining And Protecting Domain Names; Posting Third Party Content And Linking; Terms And Conditions; Selling Out Of State And Internationally; Warranties And Online Sales; Legal Structure; Taxes; Payment Processing; Delivery And Fulfillment; Records Retention
If you need answers to these and more issues from the American Bar Association can help. is not the only place to get online legal help – but Nolo Press has a VERY good site as well.
For general business information check out SCORE,, and dozens of other great web sites. Of course always consult with a lawyer as well.
When selling online, the legal aspects might be the least of your worries, since it’s so easy to start selling online. However, don’t let your naivety be an excuse. If you do something illegal – “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.
Maybe you are selling goods from over seas sources – such as China. You need to be up to speed on the legal issues of selling something tainted – for example.
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