Texan Xerox Reseller on Small Business Printing

Printing is a CORE function of business – especially small businesses. Churches, businesses, non-profits – just about every small business must print.
Xerox reseller, Karla Metzler, gives an overview of Xerox’s 8560 printer.

James Gaskin is a great reporter and goes in depth about the competition, HP; the printer itself and overall of the printing market.
What’s most important to you about printing?
I think there’s a few things:
1. The quality of the printed page
2. The speed with which it comes out of the printer
3. The cost of supplies – ink and paper
4. Support. When (not if) things go wrong, the vendor should be there to help solve the problem.
Overall, color is alive and well and it IS TIME FOR COLOR – as Karla says in this podcast.

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