Textual’s Anagram – Time Saving Relief

For the past several years I’ve had to manually copy and past contact information in Microsoft Outlook emails into Outlook’s contact areas. I wondered for years – why?
I mean why wasn’t there a little tool built into Outlook to enable me to high-light the text (for example an email signature) and have this “tool” read the information and add it to Outlook.
I just installed such a tool and it’s AWESOME. It’s Textual’s Anagarm
After I high-light text, I press “Ctrl-c+c”. Anagram then reads the text and adds it to my Outlook Contacts.
Think I’m overacting? Nah. If you frequently add contact information to Outlook you know what a pain and waste of time it is to manually add the information.
Having a tool that can do this automatically for you is simply perfect. Anagram is definitely one of my must have tools. Shame that Plaxo doesn’t yet have this feature.
Anagram works with Palm, Netsuite and Salesforce.com as well. It costs $30. You’ll get your money back, in time saved in less than a week. Depending on how frequently you use the feature of course.