Throwing Your Telephone Service To the Dogs: How Fetch! Boosted Customer Service

Let’s face it – when the phone rings for a retail store – there’s one of three main possible choices: Someone wants to buy something, someone wants to sell something or someone wants to complain about what they bought.
In the case of Fetch! Pet Care a dog sitting and walking service franchise it needed a system that could keep up with its growth but not bust its bank account.
For a company that wants to grow and please customers you don’t want customers calling and unable to connect to the right person in a timely fashion.
In the case of Fetch! customers would call its main number but not always be connected to the right franchise location in their zip code. There are a number of telephone systems Fetch! could have implemented. It decided to go with Virtual PBX a virtual telephone system for small -mid size businesses.
Before Virtual PBX, customers dialed the main corporate number and were greeted by a dispatcher who would take their message and notify the appropriate franchise to return the customer’s call because dispatchers couldn’t connect the caller directly to the local franchise office in they called the corporate number.
Now when customers call the main Fetch! telephone number they can enter their zip code and be routed to the nearest Fetch! franchise – that’s service.
In order for your business to grow, implementing the RIGHT technology solution at an affordable price is critical.
Let’s have a look at what happened with Fetch! – the problem and solution can work for every business.
They had a serious need. Customers were calling and not being properly connected to their local Fetch! franchise. What does this mean – that Fetch! is not only losing a sale but spreading vibes of bad customer service.
Folks this is a perfect example of a business problem and a technology solution – using technology as a tool to grow their business.
Cat (primarily) and dog hair cause me to wheeze and get congested, but I’m glad Fetch! has customers who can love animals and give them good homes.