Trend Micro’s SecureCloud: Hosted and Zero Hassle Security

I wrote on Monday how security vendors are offering their services as a service – not just as traditional software installed on a computer.
Trend Micro announced their new service, last week, SecureCloud.
According to the Trend Micro press release: The SecureCloud security platform has three dimensions that together create a complete Softwareñas-a-Service solution:
– Security policy for all types of users that can be managed from a single Web console.
– Protection against threats across email and the Web that includes Web reputation, anti-malware and comprehensive content security.
– Services that deliver security across all elements of the customer’s infrastructure from gateway to desktop.
Why is this important?
As your business grows it is so important that you outsource as much ‘back end’ work as you can to experts who can do it better and most likely cheaper than you can do on your own.
The three services included with SecureCloud include:
Email Reputation Services
InterScan Messaging Hosted Security
Botnet Identification Service
SecureCloud services and Trend Micro’s Worry-Free SMB software can all be managed from a single, web-based console called the Worry-Free Remote Manager. That means that a business owner or IT director can manage all the company’s security tools using just one program whether they’re in the office or off in the Bahamas. Or if the company outsources their IT to an SMB reseller, the reseller can manage the company’s security remotely as well.
Pricing is under $50 per user – depending on the number of users you will subscribe to the service. Get more information here.