Voange Comes Back…

As you probably know, a few months ago, Vonage was apparently on the brink of extintion due to a law suit by Verizon related to patent infringements. Apparently Vonage’s engineers have done a work-around so as NOT to infringe on Verizon. Good for Vonage.

I’m not sure if this take Vonage out of all legal hot water – but this is good news for sure.
Internet News writes “We have substantially completed the deployment of workarounds for the two name translation patents and have completed the development of the wireless patent workaround,” Vonage CEO Jeffrey Citron said on a conference call. “This is a significant step toward moving ahead with our business in the wake of the Verizon litigation.”
For those of you who stayed with Vonage…I guess your bet paid off. For those who left a) you are fine with your new service provider b) you are in limbo c) you hope Vonage’s legal woes get solved so you can come back.
There’s a few lessons to learn here:
1. Always be prepared and think of worst case scenarios that could happen to your business
2. Prepare and test your plan of action of “what happens” if what I hope never happens, does happen
3. When considering vendors always keep your eye on a second choice – just in case you need them.