Web Collaboration and Communcation: Try It You’ll Like It

Last week I had occasion to remotely access the computer of someone else to help them with a technical support question. We had been going back and forth over the phone and finally I realized why don’t I use one of those remote support solutions that I frequently hear about.
This experience, which worked out quite well and easily and made the entire experience more productive showed me that whether remote support or the more common collaboration via the web works, works well and should be used by all small businesses whenever possible.
Many of us probably think of WebEx when we consider web based communication and collaboration but there are many other options. One of the newer options is Smoothstone’s Smoothstone Meeting Center.
I have not tried out Smoothstone’s new offering, but you should as you are looking for web based communication and collaboration solutions.
This solution is geared to larger businesses, from what I’ve read, but I’m sure the solution will work for smaller businesses as well.
The press release reads In addition to enabling true, real time collaboration through document, desktop, whiteboard and application sharing, as well as through real time chat and notes taking, content can be uploaded and stored in an online library for future use with different groups or for recurring training sessions and sales presentations. Users can also share past sessions with others who didn’t participate in the original session, by posting full audio and video session recordings for future listening and viewing.
Smoothstone Meeting Center also has functions that help meeting organizers and presenters measure the success of their efforts in real time. They can monitor session attendance, follow viewer statistics for each slide in a presentation, and conduct opinion polls and quizzes, all without interrupting the flow of the session.

As you look for a web conferencing solution you’ll find that many of the solutions have certain things in common (you can go online and share your desktop, chat, or display presentations). You’ll also find a variety of solutions and options – like going into a good, local ice cream shop.
In order to pick the best solution for yourself, keep in mind what’s best for you and what your needs are. Now and in the mid-rang future. Don’t get lost in a features vs price comparison but keep your eye focused on YOUR needs.
Support is important as well. Most times these solutions work just fine, but in case there’s a problem, you really want a company that can provide fast and comprehensive support.