With So Many FREE Tech Education Opportunities You Have NO Excuse In Not Leveraging Technology

I’m sitting in a theater in Union Square in NYC attending a Microsoft Connections event, which is where Microsoft goes on tour and helps small businesses understand how to better use technology in their business.
I just read on Inc Magazine’s blog about free a series of free seminars from CompUSA. There are so many free online and in-person events organized by technology companies – and other companies and organizations (such as your local chamber of commerce).
If your business is not leveraging technology to its maximum potential you have no excuse but to blame yourself. You can’t blame money – as the events are FREE.
At the Microsoft event today, we’re learning about building web sites with Office Live, Small Business Server and SharePoint. I assume other things will be covered in the next few hours.
Studies say that many small businesses still don’t have web sites, Office Live makes it so easy to create one.
Those who do have web sites often have web sites that look bad and/or have little interactivity and life. The chasm between those leveraging technology and those small businesses not leveraging technology is sadly shameful.
Small Business Server is a powerful tool that enables small businesses to network their computers together in one cohesive system for sharing files, printers, managing users and a number of other features.
Share Point is another powerful tool that enables companies to dynamically collaborate on information.
The strategic use of technology is going to be a key differentiator between small businesses that succeed in business and grow and those that do not. If you are not up to speed on what technology should be used in your business your competition is going to beat you in sales, revenue, new customers, customer loyalty and other areas.
Maybe it won’t happen today, but it will definitely happen.