YOU MUST Upgrade Your Technology: Learning from A New Cordless Home Telephone System

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve used the same telephone system for my home: a digital answering machine and a cordless phone – in addition to a few wired phones. Several months ago I also purchased a second cordless phone with caller ID.
But over the past few weeks I wanted to have caller ID in all areas of my home and not just on one cordless phone. What also pushed things along was that the caller ID cordless phone I had only purchased a few weeks ago just stopped working.
So I went to my local Staples and purchased a new cordless phone system from Uniden system..
The experience has been completely revolutionary. What I learned from my simple phone upgrade has lessons for your business’ technology upgrade as well.
My telephone experience now?
When messages arrive, no longer do we miss messages, because each handset alerts us to a new message. In the past, I would have to look at the answering machine itself to see if any messages have arrived.
I can also check messages from any remote handset and not have to go to the answering machine itself.
You can also make calls from hand set to hand set. For example, my wife can call me from one room if I’m in another room.
There’s several more feature improvements (like a speaker phone on each handset) that makes the “telephone experience” much more pleasant and productive.
What does this mean to you?
If you’ve been using the same OLD technology – slow 512MB RAM computers, Windows 98 and analog telephone service (just to name a few old technologies) you are really missing out an a much better computing experience by upgrading your technology.
Remember, a better computing experience means a better business experience.
If you’re paying to maintain a dial-up modem bank to remotely access your files, for example, you’ll experience a HUGE BOOST in productivity by using a wireless broadband card for your mobile instead.
Do you have an inventory of your computer systems? Are they running smooth and fast? Do you have Windows XP or Vista on each one with at least 2GB of memory? Are your employees still getting client appointments confused because they’re using paper calendars? Are they missing opportunities because they have to check their office voice mail and are not alerted to messages when they arrive?
If you have not done an annual inventory of your technology infrastructure to find out what you have and what technology you need to upgrade to, you are NOT building a company ready to weather sustained competition in a global marketplace.
Not upgrading technology because of a lack of funds or know how is not an excuse. Most all technology vendors provide quite robust financing plans. You must prioritize your needs and have a technology road map and plan for the near, mid and long range future. Your local technology consultant or national IT vendor is your source of knowledge.
As competition from around the corner and around the world increases you must continue to invest in technology to strategically increase and improve your competitive edge.
Update: NFIB has a nice article on this here