Archive of September 2007

When Phone Calls – Not Clicks Drive Sales

Ingenio, one of a handful of companies with cost-per-call services has teamed up with Network Solutions – a domain name registration, amongst other things. Cost per click is where you only pay for clicks to your web site. Cost per call is a service offered by Ingenio that enables you to only pay for calls. […]

Recycling and/or Disposing of Your Tech Hardware

Article by – Marti Lawrence, Digital Doorway With technology frequently changing the equipment needs of small businesses, you will probably find yourself with a glut of old equipment that you must dispose of. One way to get rid of that equipment, do a good deed and secure a tax write-off all at the same time, […]

Conducting A Technology Assessment

An annual technology assessment is one of the best things you can do for your business. You’ll find that from year to year several things happen in your business: Your business grows and old technology does not work as well as it once did New technology is available that could help your business grow Your […]