4Smartphone: Access Email, Calendar & Tasks from PC or Treo (plus other email solutions)

Accessing email on your smartphone is not that difficult if you are using it to access your ISP based email. But larger companies provide their mobile users with email solutions that ensure their PC and mobile email are always synchronized and up to date. What’s deleted on their smartphone is also deleted on their PC email. Why?
Their email, often Microsoft Exchange, powers both their PC and phone. Although email is very popular, many smaller businesses don’t set up Microsoft Exchange due to its cost and/or complexity.
4Smartphone joins dozens of other companies in providing a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution geared for smaller businesses.
What does this mean?
This means you can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Exchange but not have to maintain a dedicated Exchange server – especially for your mobile suers. One of these benefits is being able to have your PC and mobile email with the most up to date information.
4Smartphone has a 3 tiers of service:
Mobile, for $13 a month and this includes one mail box with 500MB of storage in additional to many other options.
Team which is ideal for small businesses with more than one employee is $14 per month for one mail box with each additional mail box costing $12 per month.
The enterprise level contains more features geared towards enterprise customers.
Before making a move to 4Smartphone or any hosted exchange service consider what’s best for your business. If you need 10 mail boxes expect to spend about $140 per month on email service with 4Smartphone.
What are your other options?
Talk with your local small business technology consulting about setting you with with a Microsoft Exchange Server on premises at your office or one they host for you.
For an on premise license, you’ll pay for the server license ($700 for up to 5 mail boxes), about $70 for each additional license/mailbox per users in addition to the cost of installation your consultant will charge you.
Kerio is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Exchange and is very easy to use. You might want to hire a consultant, however, to help you set it up and connect it to your domain name. It costs about $270 for up to 20 mail boxes and you can download a 30 day trial from Kerio’s web site.
If you want to consider a hosted email solution BlueTie offers a VERY good solution for $5 per month with 25MB. This is very small and can be increase for a fee. It also has a free version which you might want to seriously consider as well.