Agendize: Classified Advertisements Get a Communication Boost

Recently I was looking on for a local restaurant. When I found the information I had to copy and paste it into an email and then copy and paste it into another application to print it out for someone else.
AgendiZe makes this process much easier.
Instead of making it difficult for your potential customers, who are viewing your classified advertisement, to move your information from an online directory or Yellow Pages to their cell hone or PDDA make it EASY for them.

Agendize’s tools are not available to end users directly but are available to the publishers of online directories or classified advertising to enable their users experiences richer and more powerful.
As you are evaluating posting an online classified advertisement or being listed in a Yellow Pages directory the tools they have to enable you to maximize your listing is important.
Agendize’s technology reminds me of vFlyer of which I have written about a few times. vFlyer’s technology enables you to “write once” and publish many times your classified advertisement to various classified advertising services and enhance the advertisement as well.
As more businesses (and consumers) shift their advertising from traditional paper advertising, online advertising options are going to increase and need to be as empowered as possible. A recent eMarketer study reported $12.4 billion in local ad spend as compared to national advertisers’ $1.2 billion contribution to the market.
When a local listing integrates with AgendiZe tools, users online can automatically transfer the information within each directory listing – addresses, phone numbers, directions, special promotions – to more than 60 online or wireless services and devices including personal address books and agendas, desktops, PDAs, IM, emails, mobile phones, and social bookmarks such as Facebook, Yahoo!, MyWeb and Using AgendiZe, local advertisers and small businesses remove barriers of cost, IT implementation, and human resources or skill that often stand in the way of the windfalls of Webification.