UnBox: Awesome Customer Service. Behind Every Click is a Face

Last night I’m heading to the Chinese restaurant to get some food – it was about 7:30pm.
I opened my notebook on the counter to finish up some work and then opened up my Unbox video player to check on a video I downloaded so I could watch it that night.
When I opened the player, the video I downloaded was not there. I fiddled with the player as much as I could and then decided to contact for help. I figured that I would have to email them and get a reply in a few hours, which is pretty decent.
But this is NOT what happened.
Instead, I was given the option to call! I clicked on a menu to call and a window popped up, prompting me to input my telephone number. This service by eStara, first called me (right on my cell at the Chinese restaurant) then called I like that I didn’t have to call anyone or wait on hold. The service called me.
I explained my problem to a customer service agent, sounded like someone in India. They quickly transferred me to another rep in Seattle (Shawn) who helped me sort out the problem. There was a security option as apparently I have one login but two passwords so I confused Unbox.
Lesson for you.
1. Outsourcing customer support does work, if you do it smart.
2. Segment the outsourced work, though. Maybe some aspects of support have to be handled by your in-house team – as clearly learned.
3. Leverage technology. eStara’s tag line reads, “behind every click there is a face”. There technology enables you to add the all important HUMAN ELEMENT to your company’s web site.
I really thought my experience with’s Unbox was going to be bad, but I’m completely impressed with how the problem was resolved.
Think about your business. You have hundreds of competitors in your city alone maybe. Maybe thousands more across the US, what are you doing, how are you leveraging technology to wow your current and prospective customers?
Maybe you don’t have the resources to invest in the latest and greatest online technologies for your growing online business – consider outsourcing. vCustomer provides a range of voice, email, chat and other web based support options so your customers get the best experience.