Anytrack: Tracking Your Valuables Almost Like the Movies

I’m sure you’ve seen the movies where the government, bad buys or someone is tracking someone else or something. The computer screen has a moving blip (the target) and someone else (the hunter) is tracking them in real time while a red dot is maddeningly blinking and moving along a screen.
It might be like this in the movies, in real life it’s not quite like this – but close.
I’ve been testing out a tracking device from Anytrack. The version I had (GPS-100) fits easily in the palm of your hand. there’s another version for cars and other larger objects (GPS-130) with a longer battery life.
If you need to track something or just locate it, if it’s stolen, Anytrack is a solution for you to consider.
After charging my device, I logged onto and “located” the device, right where it was – in New Jersey – next to me. It showed a local map with an indication of my device superimposed over the map.
Through you can get real time tracking information and know where your device is – up to every 5 minutes. You can also check the history of where your GPS device has been, at what time and if it’s moving how fast it was moving.
GPS devices need to “see the sky” to work so if it’s indoors or hidden it won’t work.
The GPS-100 uses cellular network tower signals to calculate its location so it does not need to be in line of site of a satellite.
The ability of Anytrack to track is dependent on the quality of Sprint’s coverage. If you’re area does not have good Sprint coverage the Anytrack device might not work well in your particular area.
There are many GPS type solutions to track your valuables and it might be a bit hard to know which solution is best for you. Of course costs are going to be one consideration and also how well they integrate into the system you may or may not be using now.
The GPS-100 costs $229 and the GPS-130 costs $349 plus an activation fee of $29. The recurring costs Anytrack charges are for tracking your device and these fees are based on a credit. For example, if you think you’ll need to track something 15 times per month, you’ll pay $15 per month. You can buy 50 credits per month for $20 per month. If you only need to track a device if it gets stolen, an annual fee of $129 per year might be better. This annual fee gives you 15 tracking credits per year.