Are You Buying Wal-Mart Computer for Your Business? Don’t (Side by Side Comparison Table)

If you need a computer for your home – buying the cheapest and most powerful computer your budget allows is fine (I’m (well my wife) is the king of budgets), but for your business you need to buy a computer that comes with solid support and durability.
I’m sure computers from Wal-Mart are not the worst buying decision you can do for your business but if you want a computer that is built to last, it’s best to buy a computer from a reputable technology vendor and that has a reputable brand.
I did a quick comparison between Wal-Mart’s cheapest computer and CDW’s cheapest comparable computer.
CDW had an Acer and two HP’s for $359. I took a closer look at the HP computer. Wal-Mart had an Everex for $338.

Everex Impact GC3500 HP Smart Buy dx2250 Desktop
80 GB Hard Disk 80 GB Hard Disk
Windows XP Home Windows XP Home
with monitor no Monitor
power efficient processor power efficiency, built for business
one year product support, hardware and original software one year on-site warranty

Hands down, Wal-Mart offer more for your buck – more memory, DVD instead of CD and a MONITOR!. Both offer Windows XP home, but every business should use Windows Vista Professional as it’s more secure and has better networking features.
However, if something happens to your computer what company do you want standing behind the computer and brand. HP and CDW and maybe your local consultant or Everex, Wal-Mart and your Aunt Vilma.
Computer Reseller News writes “We’re always looking over our shoulder trying to position ourselves against the Walmarts of the world the best we can,” he said. “We are looking at exclusively selling Lenovo.” He said a Super Walmart just opened a mile and a half away, and there was no sign of Lenovo products on the store shelf. He said he likes the Lenovo systems because they command a higher price than the $399 systems offered by some other computer manufacturers.
If local computer consultants are battling Wal-Mart in PC sales – this means that a) they aren’t doing a good job of serving their customers or b) small businesses are concerned more with price than value.

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