Boosting Indoor Cell Signals With Sprint Airave

Some people are fortunate to have great cell phone coverage no matter where they are in their home or office. Others, get a strong signal only in the living room but not in the home office or den. Sprint’s new Airave takes care of that.
It’s a small device that fits in the palm of your hand which wireless connects to your cell phone and transfers the call over your Cable or DSL internet connection. It only works with Sprint phones.
Not only does it boost cell phone reception but also simplifies you have to choose between a cordless phone or cell phone in your home or home office.
Cnet writes Sprint is selling the Airave, which is made by Samsung, for $49.99. Subscribers who use the Airave will pay an additional $15 a month for unlimited calls within the Airave home network. Families can access the Airave signal on multiple Sprint phones for $30 a month. Calls that switch over to Sprint’s regular cellular network will be charged usual calling plan rates. Currently, the service only works on Sprint handsets. And it’s not available for use with any Nextel handsets.
I have in front of my a device from Arc Wireless called the Freedom Antenna. It connects to your cell phone and extends the range of your antenna. What do you do when you can’t hear someone? You cup your hand over your ear to capture more sound waves – right? The Freedom Antenna works in a similar fashion.
T-Mobile has a similar service to Sprint’s called HotSpot @ Home.
Plantronics has a nice gadget which is a headset that lets you easily connect between home telephone and cellular telephone.
The options for home office based telecommunication services is growing and there’s really no reason for you not to have maximum productivity in home and at the office.