CallButler – PC Based PBX Grows Up

There’s a lot of solutions when it comes to telephone solutions for your small business. You can outsource your phone system to a company such as M5 that manages your phone system for you (often an ideal choice for growing and medium sized companies). You could also use a hosted solution such as that from Gotvmail. They can give you a ‘big company’ sound and features while still maintaining your small company size.

Another option is to consider a solution from TalkSwitch – which has a number of simple and low cost options to add PBX functionality to your phone system.
Today CallButler announced yet another solution for growing businesses – CallButler v1.9.
Versions that end in.9 I usually don’t write about, but I think CallButler’s PC based PBX is pretty neat and worth telling you about.
The new version of CallButler accommodates companies with 100 users or more, giving them the features and functions of a full-fledged PBX at a fraction of the cost and complexity involved in buying, setting up and managing a PBX.
Once you download CallButler, you install it like any other application. You only need a broadband Internet connection and an office PC to set up and manage a professional office communications system within minutes of downloading the software, claims CallButler.
New features of CallButler v1.9 include:
Mobile PBXSM features – CallButler works for users even when they are out of the office, traveling or working at home. Mobile workers can record calls, put callers on hold with their company’s on-hold music or marketing messages and transfer calls to other extensions, even from their mobile or home phones. This allows CallButler customers to look more professional and be more productive, even when they aren’t in the office with a $300 desk phone.
Extensibility – CallButler is built for integration. CallButler’s inTELiScriptSM tools enable users to design new business applications that integrate their telephones with databases, back-end applications and popular packaged software. CallButler’s plug-in architecture enables customers to add functionality to meet their specific needs.
CallButler Professional, the five-extension version, is priced at $249.95. CallButler Unlimited, the unlimited-extension version for larger firms, is value priced at $399.95. All CallButler products include six months of unlimited customer support, free minor point upgrades and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.
Many products that readily include their users manual – CallButler did. Why is this important? It makes it easy to really see if you or someone on your staff can download CallButler and start using it.
In reading through the manual, there are two things you need to know:
a) You’ll need a VOIP telephone number to use CallButler. You can get a number through CallButler and pay their associated fees or use and configure your own VOIP service.
b) CallButler works ideally with your current VOIP set up. If you have telephones configured for VOIP and running over your network, CallButler manages these phones.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great write up and tip! CallButler is awesome! I don’t typically get excited by a phone system but this is an amazing product. I figured a PBX was too hard to do myself…and resigned to spending $3000 for a system. I was spending $300-400 per month with Verizon alone. CallButler cost $399.95 and I’ve cut my phone bill to $60 per month. I figure to save over $3000 during my first year.

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