Caspio ExpressDB Rocks: While Web 2.0 Has the Lime Light, Web Forms are the Rage

Remember those days when you wanted to have a simple, or complex form on your web site. Those days aren’t over. You can design your own forms in your web site development tool such as Microsoft Front Page (now Expressions), Dreamweaver or some other tool. Or use one of the many hosted web site tools, design a form (Office Live or Homestead for example).
What happens when you don’t know how to create a form and connect it to a database? Maybe a registration form for an event or any of hundreds of other reasons. Caspio’s the easy solution.
Caspio’s already got a VERY extensive database service to enable an easy way to create powerful online databases. Now, through they make it even easier to create a simple form that can connect to a Caspio powered database.
Caspio’s press release reads With a simple 2-step wizard, ExpressDB opens its highly reliable database server to any form. The wizard supplies a customized action tag to copy-and- paste into the form’s source file. ExpressDB’s innovative
technology then automatically discovers the elements and fields of the form
and instantly creates a matching database on-the-fly when data is first

Maybe you want customers to enter information about themselves into your database – ExpressDB can help.
Other tools in this genre include Intuit’s QuickBase, Trakvia and

File Maker Pro
and Alpha 5 Software make it pretty easy to use PC based databases to connect to the web as well.
I’ve been using a relatively simple tool called Dbman for years. You have to know some programming skills though – it’s not as simple as what ExpressDB offers.