FREE Tech Education: What You’re Missing from Tech Vendor’s Web Sites

I recently signed on to receive RSS feeds from Dell’s StudioDell, Dell’s excellent web site showcasing dozens of videos for Home, Small Business and IT users.
The small business channel covers insight and solutions; tips and tricks and case studies. Insights and Solutions covers things like how a restaurant is going high tech. The tech tips area covers specific technology solutions of interest to small businesses.
I particular liked Dell’s video on how to fix a printer jam – very informative and practical. This was in the home channel.
Although I didn’t see video on HP’s site it has something just as good – free online classes.
You can access HP’s online classes here and find dozens of solutions. From creating marketing materials to server and storage management best practices, HP has put together a wide range of educational material for you.
As expected Microsoft has a vast array of content in order for you to get the most from Microsoft software and technology overall. It’s learning center is filled with information on Microsoft’s online education and events in cities across America, which I highly encourage you to attend.
CnetTV contains a nice amount of very useful video as well.
Gene Marks, author, columnist, presenter and President of The Marks Group PC is having a seminar on 26 September 2007 at 8:30am on how to buy help desk software. Every month Gene also talks about CRM and Accounting applications. Get more information here.
You can find other technology videos on YouTube and other web sites, but it’s hard to find the content you want from the content you don’t want.
What does this mean to you?
There’s simply no excuse why you and maybe more importantly your staff can’t be using technology more effectively and maybe even solving a greater percentage of their own technology solutions.