HP: Enjoy Your Computing Experience. New & Refreshed Products and Services

On Wednesday I attended HP’s launch of a new line of computers and other hardware (phone’s, PDA’s, etc). There were products for consumers, for businesses and for gamers.
One of the products for small businesses was HP’s newly launched HP Compaq 2710p convertible tablet PC. HP put an optional night-light on the top of the inner lid of the computer so that when you’re in the dark (train, plane) you can still see the keyboard. Weighing 3.7lbs and a 12″ screen means this is an ideal mobile traveling companion.
It’s also a included an optional business card scanner, via the integrated camera in the lid of the computer. If you have to scan several cards, it’s faster to use a dedicated business card scanner.
The 2710p also includes a broadband wireless antenna for connecting to Verizon, Sprint or AT&T.
There are dozens and dozens of different notebook configurations from very light units weighing 2lbs to a bit heavier ones weighing 4 – 6lbs. Lighter computers will have smaller screens – 10 – 12″, while heavier ones will have screens from 14″ – 17″.
If you travel a lot and need ultimate slimness and mobility you’ll need a different kind of computer that might serve as a desktop replacement.
The newly released HP Compaq 6820s Notebook PC has a 17″ screen and weighs 6.5lbs.
The HP Compaq 6720s Notebook PC has a 15.4″ screen and weighs 5.5lbs.

Support is VERY important for small businesses and when you buy a computer it’s VERY important you ensure you have all the support you need for the computer WHEN the inevitable happens. HP’s Total Care options, announced this week provide a wide range of pre and post sale options including financing, support and after-life trade ins for old equipment.
Some of HP’s total care offers are free, such as online training. Some are fee based such as accidental damage coverage. However, all of them are important to consider.
HP’s newly launched products and services and refreshment of existing offerings is quite extensive. Check out HP’s web site or talk to your local HP partner for all the details.

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  1. James

    A night-light! Whoa! Looks like HP took a page from someone else’s book.
    It is a handy little feature, though. I couldn’t live without mine.

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