HP Web Printing Software – Every Web Browser Should Have This

Do you ever press the print button when you are browsing web sites? Do you ever wonder why you often don’t get on the paper what you see on your computer screen?

You see 3 pages of text in a blogger’s post, or 1 page of information as you are looking for some travel information on your upcoming vacation and realize that you only get some of the information, with the rest being blank pages and only half the text.
One of the best solutions for this problem is HP Smart Web Printing.
HP Smart Web Printing is a simple, powerful and free tool to make it 100% easy to print content from web pages. Sure, HP wants to encourage more printing, but does it matter? This is a tool to help you do what you already need to do – print.
Once you download the tool (which only works in Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher) you use easily toggle the software on or off via “ctrl+shift+s”.
Using your mouse you then select the precise text you want to print. This text or graphics is then held in a “clip book” displayed on the side of your web browser, for easy printing.
There are hundreds of great tools that help you make your computing day much easier and this is definitely one of them.
WSJ writes The HP Smart Web Printing program proved useful for online-shopping research. I’ve been gathering a lot of information from various Web sites to find a special new handbag for work, including which bag is sold where, how much it costs and what it looks like.
When I saw a bag that interested me, I selected it by holding the left mouse button down and moving my cursor over the text or image. Releasing the left mouse button automatically opens a tiny drop-down menu with two simple options: clip (place in the clip book) or print (send directly to the printer). Items that I clipped were moved into the right panel clip book in order of most recently added items at the top.

Keep looking for more from HP as they push their Print 2.0 initiative.>