Is Your Web Site Mobilized Optimized

I recently purchased a Motorola Q and have started going to more web sites using the Q’s browser. Some sites, like Google and Plaxo are optimized for mobile web browsing. Other sites aren’t.
Are you missing an opportunity by not ensuring your web site – or at least a part of it is optimized for mobile browsers.
As more of your customers use their mobile devices to access web sites, wouldn’t it make sense to ensure YOUR web site looks good on a mobile device?
Network Solution makes it pretty easy and economical to do this with
With this service costing $2 per month you can create a web site that will display just fine on a number of mobile devices.
What does this mean to you?
Before services like BuildMyMobi launched, I’m assuming there’s more services like this, you’d have to hire a professional web developer to build you a mobile compatible web site. Now it’s template driven.
Of course if you want your “real” web site and “mobile” web site to be synchronized – you’ll have to get a professional web developer to help.
Another neat service: If you want to enable customers to access your online database via SMS – use a service like