Lotus Notes: Should You Consider It?

Many large companies have standardized on Lotus Notes and have used it for years. It’s a stable and mature platform, supported by IBM.
Smaller businesses, for the most part are using Microsoft Office.
Of course other office suites include Corel Word Perfect and OpenOffice which is included with products from Novell and other “non-Microsoft” companies. Let’s not ignore Google Docs.
Kevin Selkowitz, founder and lead consultant for Selkowitz Technology, a Seattle-area small business systems consulting company recently suggested Lotus Notes.
He writes Much like Outlook paired with Exchange, Notes when paired with Domino can share email, calendars, and contacts with others in the office. Domino also includes web access so you can access all your email, calendars and contacts from any computer with IE or Firefox. One of the other great features of Notes is cross platform support – Notes 8 currently runs on Windows and Linux and will support Mac in Q1 08.
If you already have office suite technology in place that you are happy with and that meets your needs for growth, you might want to stick with what you have. If you are just starting your business or expanding and need to consider revamping your current technology then consider Lotus Notes and other solutions.
Kevin begins his article with the reason to consider Lotus instead of Microsoft Office being cost – this is not a good enough reason.
If you base your technology decisions only on cost you’re only thinking in the short-term and not considering many other options that matter such as support, compatibility, sustainability of the vendor, learning curve and other important considerations.
There’s many options available for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and database software. You have to select what works best for you and your business.