Microsoft Outlook is Good: Avidian’s Prophet Makes it Better

Microsoft Outlook is a very good tool for email and contact management – for basic needs.
Of course ACT!, Goldmine and Maximizer are far better for maximum contact management. However, if you MUST use Outlook, Avidian has updated Prophet with some new features.
One new feature included in this upgrade of Prophet is that of automatically linking all Outlook contacts with the same company name into one company account. This is a key sales feature that Outlook 2007 users can now benefit from, without needing a separate stand-alone application. This is powerful. Many applications force you to use an external product, but being able to use a product you are familiar with is important.
If you are looking for more Outlook Add-On’s check out this.
Prophet 4.0 costs a reasonable $100 for Prophet Personal and goes up in price for other additions which include sales components and automated work flow.
Many of you use Outlook as your key business tool. It’s important to know what other tools are available for free and for fee that can extend the power of Microsoft Outlook for your business.
On the other hand, maybe you’ve outgrown Microsoft Outlook and you should be using another tool. If email is all you need, Outlook might be just fine – or Google email hosting, Thunderbird (from Mozilla) or some other email program.
If better contact management and/or sales management is what you need there are so many solutions available to you as well.