New Storage Options from Maxtor: Data Encyrption, More Storage, Data Restoration

I have a Maxtor One Touch III drive with 500GB and it works quite well. Nothing fancy, but it does its job. Stores my data.
Earlier this month Maxtor, owned by Seagate, released a new family of drives – the Maxtor OneTouch 4.
This new family of drives, makes data protection and security easier with software tools that make a once complex task, simple. These intuitive new tools, which are now integrated into the Maxtor OneTouch 4 family of products, include: the ability to perform multiple-computer data synchronization, drag-and-drop encryption and a bare metal system restore. In the event of a fatal crash or virus attack, Maxtor’s SafetyDrill, the new bare metal system restore feature, allows the nearly instantaneous restoration of an entire computer ensuring access to files even in a time of crisis.
One of the most horrific business things you can go through, is to turn on your computer find out that it won’t start, due to hard disk failure. Or you turn your computer on and find out that a virus (or something else) has wiped out a critical client folder.
There are software tools you can use and configure yourself to encrypt data, backup data and restore data should your computer go on the fritz, but Maxtor’s tools are built into the external hard disk, making the entire process of data protection simple and easy.
For those of you using Windows Vista, I still have XP which works just fine for me, Maxtor OneTouch 4 drives will automatically backup your critical data and in the event your computer crashes, restore everything just the way it was including icons. Based on my experience it is VERY important to verify what is backed up. The automatic backup tools will try their best to backup critical files (my documents, desktop and etc) but in case your files are stored in a place where the backup program is not looking you’ll need to manually backup these files.
If you use more than one computer (often two) in your course of business one headache is knowing which computer has which file. Maxtor’s built in synchronization tool helps eliminate this hassle.
Backup is important but encrypting important files is also important and Maxtor’s new family of drives has built in encryption. To encrypt: simply drag and drop sensitive data into the 256bit AES encrypted folder and the data is automatically encrypted. To decrypt: simply open the folder, enter your password and drag the files out. For added protection, Maxtor DrivePass (formerly Maxtor DriveLock) is an embedded firmware feature that further restricts data access even if the internal hard drive is removed and attached to another computer.
There are so many options when it comes to data storage solutions the choice is for you to choose the right solution for your business. While external hard drives are good, if you are operating in networked environment its important that everyone has shared space on a central server or storage device to store information as well.
External hard drives are ideal for professionals who are often mobile and need a backup solution for their data, or added storage space. When users are attached to the network their data, including that from external hard disks, should be secured on the corporate network storage.
You can visit your local retailer or Maxstore to check out Maxtor’s new product line.