Protecting Your Domain Name: Ensuring Ownership Stays With You

How horrific would it be if you went to visit your web site and saw that the content was definitely not what you had. Or that the content was correct but that you no longer had access to the web site? That the domain was “owned” by someone else.
This could not only be detrimental to your business but cause havoc and confusion for your customers, your employees and your customers.
If you want to ensure your domain name ownership is not switched without your permission make sure you take steps to protect it.
The WSJ writes Domain experts say protecting the email address used to register the domain safe from break-ins is one of the most important steps to guarding the domain. Contact information for the person registering each domain is made publicly available online in a “Whois” database.
Hijackers sometimes break into the email address listed for a domain and use that account to change the domain owner’s password with the registrar and authorize the domain’s transfer. That’s what happened to Mr. Inowlocki, with the domain thief breaking into his free Yahoo Inc. email account to seize