Second Life: Still A Fad for Most But a Business Tool for Some

Second Life, the virtual world of avatars where virtual people spend real money is still somewhat of a fad, but there is a growing number of businesses finding it a place for business.
Newsday’s Patricia Kitchen writes a good overview of Second Life here.
If you want to demonstrate that your company is on the cutting edge of things and you have the resources to develop and maintain a Second Life presence, you might want to consider it.
However, if you’re a small business and you don’t event have a blog, email newsletter, good web site other critical technologies – ignore Second Life for now.
If you’re trying to attract certain customers or employees you might want to consider Second Life as a staging area for recruitment or interviews.
Kitchen writes Populated at this point largely by those whom Verdino, 38, sees as the “geek elite” – hard-core technology users, animators, graphic designers – the space also is being used by college professors who teach classes there, as well as librarians setting up information “islands” to help newbies find resources.
Large companies, too, have created their own islands where employees collaborate on projects and meet with clients, as well as where companies are running simulations, testing concepts, connecting with communities and raising awareness of new products or services. Among them: IBM, CMP Technology, Sears, Mazda, Coca-Cola and Starwood Hotels.