Storage: Is Your Business Exploding In Data Growth? Dell & IBM Have Solutions

I’ve really never paid much to storage – but I should. For some businesses who are just dealing with basic word documents and visiting a few web sites, storage is not a critical issue.
However, if you are in real estate, construction, graphics, law, accounting or a number of other industries (including the medical profession or other financial areas) storage is critical to you.
Consider the notebook computers of your remote work force, the storage space needed for your applications and the massive amounts of storage you need for email and datafiles. You can’t throw the data away – nor do you want to in many cases. Hence you need economical and simple to use storage solutions.
Within the past two weeks IBM and Dell made announcements regarding their respective storage options.
IBM announced System Storage├┤ DS3300, a robust, reliable and cost-effective new entry-level disk array featuring integrated management software designed to give small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a simple and affordable solution to handle all their storage needs.
The announcement continues “The DS3300 will be an ideal solution for SMBs who are transitioning from internal to external storage and have limited IT resources and expertise to dedicate to such a task,” said Sean Hobday, Executive Vice President of Sales, Zones. “As an IBM System Storage volume reseller and Business Partner, we find that many small and medium businesses would benefit from a solution like the DS3300 and require quick and simple implementation and a value-add for their business.” Read more about IBM’s storage here.
Today Michael Dell participated a web cast to announce Dell’s latest storage initiative. “We are committed to simplifying IT for our customers and changing the economics of storage,” he explained. “The MD3000i is a perfect example of how we drive out costs, drive up functionality, and drive industry adoption of technologies and standards to meet customer needs.
The Dell press release continues Data growth continues unabated, yet research shows less than 20 percent of small businesses and less than one-third of medium-sized businesses use advanced storage technologies such as SANs1. While 41 percent of small businesses say expanding storage capacity is a top priority for the next 12 months*, Fibre Channel SANs are seen as too costly, too complex, and require special skills that many SMBs do not have1.
Dell’s storage web site is here.
The cost? IBM’s DS3300 starts at $5,000 and Dell’s MD3000i is under $10,000. Don’t let price fool you? My guess is that these systems are different and just reading this alone you are not comparing apples to apples.
Talk to your local technology consultant, or these vendors directly and find out what YOUR needs are. Dell has a very good overview of storage here.