Taking Care of Your Hard Disk: My Personal Experience

For the past several days, I’ve been wondering why my computer is not acting quite right. The hard disk is spinning more and more, things seem slow and just today Amazon.com Unbox refused to download a new movie.
I wondered why?
I called the absolutely wonderful Amazon.com support (read more about it here) and he suggested that that the 5GB of space I had left from my 70GB might not be enough.
Here’s what happened…
I got my 500GB Maxtor One Touch external hard disk and started transferring files to it, from my notebook hard disk.
This gave me some space.
I then download an excellent and free program, SpaceMonger, which I found through Cnet’s excellent Download.com site.
This little tool, showed me graphically what folders were taking up the bulk of my hard disk space.
Three main folders:
1. Thunderbird – I now use Outlook but had archived the data files in case I needed something. I moved this to the Maxtor.
2. System Restore folders – I have never needed to restore my system. I backup my data and am very careful what I install so, minimized this from 8GB to 1GB. System restore lets you bring your computer back to a point in time that works. It’s great if you install a program that messes your computer up. You can restore the computer back the way it was before some program, or something else, messed things up.
3. The other files taking up space are my Podtech.net files! I have yet to listen to so many of the video casts!
Anyway, that was less than an hour of work making my computer run better on Saturday!
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