Panasonic’s New ToughBook: Tougher Than Ever. Built to Last

Fortunately, I only seriously dropped my notebook one time. I was on the way home and my notebook slipped from my hand.
The case cracked a small bit but it still worked fine. I now have a soft cover over the notebook to protect it even better.
There are some job scenarios, where its common for notebooks to be dropped, get wet, and go through other abuses that most notebooks are simply not designed for and would break down if they went through them.
Panasonic’s Toughbook is designed to take abuse – and lots of it.
InfoWorld writes The new 7-series machines, aimed at corporate users, are beefier than the current 5-series machines and can survive a fall from a greater height.
The new models can be dropped from 76 centimeters — the height of an average desk — while switched on and still work, according to Panasonic. Its current Toughbook models for the corporate PC market are rated for a 30 cm drop but only when switched off.
The 76-cm claim was backed up at the news conference as the laptops were dropped numerous times without any problem.

If you’re in an industry that puts you and the tools you use through a typically grueling day a Panasonic Toughbook is something you should consider. Paying $1,000 traditional notebook makes no sense if on day one that notebook and the data on it are lost. Having a more durable notebook means that you and your colleagues can keep working in “harsh” conditions while other notebooks fail.
Although Panasonic has the greater share of “tough” notebooks, other companies such as Durabook and Getac offer durable notebooks as well.