Verizon FIOS for SOHOs

If you operate your business in a home office, some parts of your business and home life merge – like Internet access. As a small business owner it’s important that you have simplicity and save as much as you can in as many areas of business as you.

Over the years telecommunication companies have honed their offers and provided some pretty decent discounts on bundle telecommunication services.
Verizon FIOS is Verizon’s relatively new, high speed, fiber optic service that delivers TV, telephone and Internet access to your home (it might include business as well)
News Factor’s John Wilen liked it and writes The package is about $200, $10 a month more than it used to cost me to buy cable from Comcast, and my landline, Internet and wireless services from Verizon or Verizon Wireless. But I figured that $10 was worth it for faster Internet speeds of up to 5 megabits per second downstream (and 2 Mbps upstream) and 150 free cable channels — dozens more than I was getting from Comcast. Verizon threw in a voice mail box, caller identification service and unlimited calling with no extra charge.
If your looking for reliable telecommunication services (or any other service) for your business price is NOT everything. However, getting a good deal is definitely something you should consider.
AT&T has a number of options, but I didn’t see anything similar to the bundle Verizon has. MCI is now part of Verizon. Sprint is focusing on wireless offerings. Bell South is “now the new AT&T”
Qwuest offers service similar to Verizon’s
There are a number of smaller, regional companies offer telephone service bundles but in general your choice of telephone carriers is pretty slim.
Of course your cable company has a number of options as well – Time Warner Cable, ComCast for example.
I’m not a telephone expert, but I can tell you – take advantage of the competition in the telecommunication space and fierce merger and acquisition that has been going on and that will continue to do so is to YOUR advantage.
For businesses – you have a number of options from the large telecommunication companies to local telecommunication providers such as New York’s M5 which provides outsourced telephone service and others.