Virtual Trade Shows: Are They For You? Attendee or Exhibitor

I’ve only attended and/or participated in a few trade shows. And from what I can tell, they are not “trade shows” per say, but an aggregation of digital content which makes it easy to find out about something in one location, in comfort.

I’m sure some trade shows are fancier than others. However, if you want to know about a topic, hear from experts, get material – all from the comfort of your PC, a virtual trade show can be one option.
Ziff Davis has many of them – a recent one was on virtualization technologies.
You don’t only have to be an attendee but your company might want to consider exhibiting in a virtual trade show as well.
Forbes writes The beauty of virtual trade shows is that they are, well, virtual. That makes them not only cheap but entirely flexible, with formats ranging from a basic online directory of companies and products to an eye-popping Web site with virtual booths–detailed right down to the curtain designs and smiling cyber-greeters, a la the meta-world Second Life. Another perk: Virtual shows can also run for months without having to be dismantled to make room for the next show.
As your business grows you are going to have to find more and new ways to get more customers. Virtual trade shows could be one option. Like many things in life and business – start small and see how it works for you. Then you can invest more, depending on your ROI.
Before investing in a trade show as an exhibitor make sure you first attend as an attendee and get feedback from your target audience on their experiences as an attendee as well.